Respiro Studios are professional singing studios based in Pretoria. Respiro Studios have different branches and sister-studios, who function as a whole to create a performance family where students can develop and flourish.

Respiro is not only a singing studio but a vocal performance studio. We focus on a vocalist or singer as an entertainer and artist – we develop and teach good vocal technique, vocal hygiene as well as vocal performance and visual performance. Our students don’t only sound good but they also look good on stage.

Our family of studios develop and educate young, upcoming artists as well as audiences. We are not only focused on achievements but encourage ones love for performing arts. So if you want to sing and perform for fun or professionally – RESPIRO STUDIOS will be able to fulfill your needs.


Respiro Studios has several years experience in Performing Arts (using your physical body for entertaining) i.e. singing, acting, dancing). We specialize in making your dreams come true, by giving you a trailed and tested Vocal Style and guiding you with Blocking and Performance opportunities

Respiro Studios uses Bel Canto. This is an Italian singing technique that focuses on Breathing and Breathing techniques.

During your lesson, we will teach you various exercises to help develop the necessary muscles. You will also learn more about your own body and mind and how it affects your voice.

Vocal training is hard work and takes dedication – a life skill you will learn and not only implement in your singing but also in everyday living, insuring you professional success.