Who are we?

IMG_4491Ina Wiegand

Ina Wiegand founder and CEO of Respiro Studios started her vocal performance career at a very young age. She started her vocal training under well-known vocal coaches; Prof. Albrecht Lewald, Sarie Lampbrecht, Jesserina Olivier-Smith and Norma Biagi who specialised in the Bel Canto style of singing. Ina did various short courses in Opera and Musical Theatre accredited with San Francisco Conservatory of Music and in 1997 she received her Artist Diploma from the National Voice Institute accredited by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Ina Wiegand’s knowledge and experience does not stop at vocal performing, she has done various other short courses and workshops like journalism (stories, radio and drama), TV-presenting, song writing, ATKV songwriters, choir training, and NEA adjudication courses. Together with workshops and short courses, she broadened her experiences by participating in various eisteddfods, art festivals, production and concerts. She has won a myriad of prizes; in short she was announced as Best Vocal Soloist (NEA and Pretoria Eisteddfod), Overall winner (NEA) and she was also a finalist for the Mimi Coertze Scholarship.

Ina had various international performances in Germany, Hungria and South America.  She formed part of a various groups and productions – from classical music, opera, musicals up to contemporary music.  Ina shared the stage in various school operettas (as artists, teacher, coach and mother) with artists like: Groep 2, Rina Hugo, Jannie du Toit, Dana Niehaus, Sibongele Khumalo and the SABC Choir  (1992-1993). Ina Wiegand proved to be an exceptionally talented performer and also showed her true nature as someone who pours dedication and love into the performing arts by writing and directing productions that were broadcasted and performed in various theatres, halls, and festivals like KKNK. These productions include: ‘Haaikônna man, ons is saam in hierrie tas’, ‘T-praat, Ons kom van vêr af’, to name but a few.

Ina started to cultivate her love for performing arts in her students when she started to teach as a profession.  Her main aim is to develop young artists, performers and audiences by educating and guiding them in correct and healthy singing techniques; the methodology of the singer and the singer’s mind and body; preparing students for exams and assisting students and other performers in preparing for concerts and productions.  Ina worked as adjudicator for various eisteddfods, art festivals, school competitions, idols, revue-extravaganzas and other competitions. Ina presented various workshops to teachers, students and parents providing them with performing arts with NEED TO KNOW KNOWLEDGE and extra developmental information.  Workshops include:


Ina’s knowledge, love and dedication to performing arts has put her in the privileged position to have worked with many vocal and performance teachers, producers and performers like:  Johan (MJ) Kellerman (member of Bravo and Ancore – groups that perform is Spain), Franco Barnard (member of the singing group Heros – performing in Spain), Stefan Fouché (member of the singing group Ancore – performing in Spain), Stephan Van Der Walt (part of the Jersey Boys cast – performed in South Africa and Singapore), Paul Loots (Roepman),  Christoffer Viljoen (Romans) and Herman Theron (South African tenor who performs yearly in Switzerland and founder of Reakopana Opera Festival).

IMG_4470Christo RJ Botha

Christo R.J, is a talented young upcoming artist and music educator. Christo developed a love for music as a pre-scholar and enjoyed singing and  “tokkeling” on the piano.  Christo soon realized that he wants to work in the performing arts and started to participate in school choirs, revues and musicals.  He also competed in various competitions ranging from Druiwefees Idols, ABSA School Idols, Tahila (Radio Kansel), ATKV, Marble Hall Idols, Build It Idols,  South African Championships of Performing Arts and the World Championships of Performing Arts.

Christo started entering singing competitions and festivals from age 7. He started taking singing lessons from 2002 under the guidance of Marga Roos and in 2005, attended classes at Chris Coetzer, one of South Africa’s well-known tenors. In 2005 and 2006, he was chosen for the SA-team but in 2006, his dream came true when he had the chance to participate in the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, where he did exceptionally well.  During 2002 – 2006 he received performance training once a year from Ina Wiegand and Marilda Wiegand (Respiro Studios) focussing on the South African Championships.  Christo started teaching singing lessons while still in high school and throughout the duration of his music studies at the University of Pretoria.

In 2012 Christo completed his BA MUSIC  degree with Jazz-vocals as his first instrument at the University of Pretoria as well as his Level 6, Rockschools Music Performance Licentiate with vocal and performance training done by Ina Wiegand (Respiro Studios).  Christo started his own singing studio “VIVA CANTANDO” in 2010, which was also part of Respiro Studio and in 2013 Christo decided to work as part of the Respiro-team. Some of his students received gold medals at national eisteddfods, competitions like SACHP and SATCH and The World Championships of Performing Arts. He currently receives vocal, performance and teaching training from his mentor and a role model Ina Wiegand.

Christo had the opportunity to participate in the Operetta, “Candide” as part of the moving ensemble and he also “debuted” as “actor” in a final year music theatre student’s play called “Die gat in die klavier”. Christo also had the opportunity to act as a cast member (singing and acting) in the Afrikaans drama, ‘Wasem’, which was performed at the Grahams town Art Festival 2013.

IMG_4466Nadya Pretorius

Nadya Pretorius great aunt was the late opera singer Jossie Boshoff, which meant that from a young age she was exposed to various operas and theatre productions. This is where her love for the performing arts started. At the age of 9  she started receiving professional singing lessons  and at  age 14 she started vocal training in the Eve Boswell Method of Voice Production. Her vocal coach at that stage was Florrie Jansen van Rensburg, who was part of the group Trio. Nadya’s  vocal training in this method continued up until the age of 19. In 2005 she received her  SAAHSP and CIDESCO qualification in Somatology at Potchefstroom Academy; during this time she received the highest mark of 99% in her international CIDESCO exam. Throughout 2005 she had various vocal coaches including Adri Mocke and Ina Wiegand. She  also started coaching singing students on a part-time basis throughout 2005 – 2008 and in 2009 she founded Aspire Vocal Studio.  She has been teaching vocal and stage performance techniques for 7 years; Aspire Vocal Studio is  affiliated with Anton van Wouw music centre, Garsfontein High school music centre and Respiro Studios. In 2013 she attended the NEA  adjudication workshop to become a National Eisteddfod Academy adjudicator . She has more than 20 years personal experience with vocal development techniques and singing lessons; Eisteddfods; talent competitions and theatre productions.


Nadya had the privilege to perform with  Lukas Maree and   with the gospel  singer Jan de Wet. In 1999 Nadya  was awarded the Best Junior Vocal Performer at NEA. In 2008 she won a demo recording contract with Fantasia Records when she won the “Centurion’s got talent” singing competition and in  2010 she competed in the Record Vocé singing competition where she was one of three finalists to compete at the Carousel Casino’s Cheyenne Saloon. Here she  worked with the likes of SAMA winner Tiro and the late composer, pianist, composer and singer Christa Steyn.  Nadya was  part of the original ensemble of Ester  Die Musical in 2011, where she  got to work with Guys de Villiers, Joe Niemand, Lindy Niemand,  Nadia Beukes and Matt Stern to name just a few.

In 2013 I was chosen as vocal coach for the finalist of Cell C’s High school Super Star.

Nadya enjoys working with talented young people and sees her position as vocal and performance coach as a privilege. Nadya’s hard work, dedication and love for music ensures great achievements, progress and development.  Nadya’s  students range from ‘born with talent’ to those who had been rejected at choir auditions and other vocal coaches – but even still these students develop into A++ candidates at Eisteddfods and other art festivals. She inspires students to achieve and develop by planting the seeds of: hard work and dedication.  A few of Nadya’s  students had the privilege to win demo recordings with Douw Steyn at Son Recordings.  He is the son of the late Christa Steyn and has recorded many famous artists including Jannie du Toit, Chris Chameleon, Lize Beekman and  Sorina (Flooze). He also facilitates the songwriting workshop for the winners of the ATKV Crescendo Liedjieskryf kompetisies. A view  of her  students were awarded gold at the South-African Talent Championships and most of these students were invited to represent South-Africa at the AMTC’s in America. Nadya  not only coaches students proper vocal and stage performance techniques but also helps them prepare for the internationally accredited Rockschool vocal exam.  Here one for her  students achieved the highest national mark (VOCAL) overall in the May 2013 sitting of the Rockschool-exam as well as the  highest National mark (VOCAL) for Level 1 (grades debut, 1, 2 and 3) in the May 2013 sitting.


Lize-Marié Bosman

Growing up Lize-Marié Bosman enjoyed making music with her father, Tertius Bosman. She started vocal lessons in 2006 at the age of 16 and two weeks after, competed in a competition called Satch. Feeling “chuffed” for earning the same symbols as her teacher she took up singing more seriously and sang at various events and competitions. Also having a passion for editing, she did sound recording jobs for Oosterland High school and Secunda High school. She sang solo songs in school revue and talent shows.

While she was busy doing her music degree she was part of the UP Sudden Jazz ensemble and Chamber choir. Accompanied by jazz bands, she loved singing in the lunch hour concerts held in the Musaion theatre on main campus. She was also part of the Drama department’s shows TIE (theatre in education) and TFD (theatre for development). During her studies she started performing more and more often for various events and functions.

In 2012 she finished her BA Music degree at the University of Pretoria with Jazz Vocals as her main instrument, taught by Barbora Tellinger. From 2013 she was in a band called Sneaky sCat with blues guitarist Martin Botha. She worked part time in a recording studio InTune, doing sound editing for TV shows like, “Skole Top 10” and “Hoor Hoor”.

Mid 2013 she started her own music school, Vanilla Vocals and also opened, Vanilla Vocals recording studios. She did work for big companies such as Shell, ProAgri and TV adverts for Bonnox art festival. In 2016 Vanilla Vocals, now Respiro Studios Colbyn became one of Respiro Studio’s branches founded by Ina Wiegand. She is currently a singer in a band called Vibe Duo with Nick Winegard performing all over Gauteng.

Music is one of her greatest pleasures in life. She loves performing, recording and editing Music, but just as much showing student’s what they are capable of. She enjoys working with people and is always up for a challenge.

Activities she enjoys most spending time on besides music, is doing hiking trails with her dogs, and dancing at Super Dance studios. Rewards that motivates her to achieve a certain quality and efficiency in her work life are the simple pleasure of good music and quality sound and the. Indescribable reward of experiencing people’s enjoyment of music and performing arts


Odia Jordaan

Odia have a passion for life, the performing arts, and entertainment. She have a total of 18 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. Which includes six years as a singer, performing at various functions.  She have ten years’ experience as a theatre actress, which include 5 year as a playback performer, conductor and teacher.

As a performer Odia have enjoyed the opportunity to gain experience from across the world, in a broad spectrum of community settings.  Odia’s theatre experience includes training and performing in theatre acting.  Performing and directing Theatre in Education for ages six to eighteen as well as Theatre for Development for ages twelve to fourteen and adults in psychiatric clinics.

She is also trained in Playback Theatre. Which has given her ample opportunity to work with people on a more social level. “Teaching playback theatre has allowed me to strengthen my ability as a strong leader. It has also given me the opportunity to deal                                                               with individuals in the best possible way in establishing trust, and to easily persuade and motivate people to achieve set goals.”